Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Favorite Fridays

My favorite Friday nights are spent relaxing and watching Dateline with a bowl of popcorn and a good hand project. I've spent many a Friday night in front of the TV. As a kid I remember watching Dukes of Hazard and racing to find the piece of popcorn with the most butter on it, my dad called them "soakers". 
We had some terrible rain storms here Friday night and I was fortunate not to loose power.  I made my popcorn and grabbed a crochet project. I decided to make some flowers for the curtain tie backs in The Looney. 

Friday night popcorn and crochet project

Next weekend is the first camping trip of the season. I was hoping to have all my goodies made and hung in The Looney before the first trip but not sure that is going to happen. I will make sure they are done before our big trip in July. I'll post pictures as soon as everything is up.

Completed flowers for tie backs
I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend, and hope my local followers have their power back!

Have a great week, everybody!



  1. What pretty and very sweet looking flowers :) I've been wanting to crochet some, just haven't had the time to sit and work on my blanket...hopefully this week! Happy new week to you! xo Holly

  2. Those turned out sooo cute!! Cant wait to see them as tie backs!

  3. Those flowers are ADORABLE and they will look perfect in the Looney. I can just imagine them as tie backs. Hope you have a great week.

    xo Danielle