Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A little Saturday Stitching

For me back to school means busy evenings and busy weekends; home work, reading, play dates, and after school activities. All this running around has not left much ME time. But, I actually don't mind. I love being so involved with my daughter and her friends. I'm afraid it's not going to last much longer so I'm trying to enjoy every moment, even the ones when she acts like she is 16 instead of 10!

I did recently take a Saturday evening to relax, watch a movie and whip up these beauties. I've been wanting to make them for a while and this was the perfect evening to do something super girly and fun. 

Wig Wonderful pattern from September House

I bought this pattern online from September House. They sell unique contemporary embroidery patterns. They also happen to be a local company which makes me happy!

I have the perfect spot for these beautiful ladies in my new sewing room, that's right, new sewing room! Yippee.  I'm still getting things set up so stay tuned for photos soon. 

Have a wonderful week!!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Huddles Resort

What an amazing summer! I've had so much fun with friends, family and especially my daughter. We always end the summer with a family trip up to Walker, MN. We rent cabins at Huddles Resort on Leech Lake. My mom and Carl, my sister Harriette and two nephews, and me and Eleanor. This year my brother-in-law was able to join us for a couple days too.

Every year we have had amazing weather and this year was no exception. I was worried the lake would be really cold due to the chilly spring, but it was actually just as cold as it has been every year. The lake is so large it never really gets that warm. The cold water doesn't stop us from swimming, water skiing and tubing though.

Eleanor swimming in Leech Lake

Eleanor and Lucas on the tube

Huddles is an amazing family resort. The owners Kay and Roy are so kind and generous. Roy pulls the kids on the tube and skis until everybody has had their chance to go. He has taught hundreds of kids how to water ski, his patience is unbelievable. They have events every day for the kids and families; fishing contests, turtle races, scavenger hunt, talent show, family dance, etc... 

Eleanor and Lucas won the scavenger hunt

Roy MC'ing the turtle races

Eleanor with her turtle. She won $2.35!

Eleanor, Lucas and Nolan cheering on their turtles
Eleanor and Lucas at the fishing contest

Harriette with her fish

Eleanor with her fish

Since we go the same week every year we are starting to see the same families and getting to know them and their children. Eleanor had a great time with three other girls that are her same age. I'm so happy for her meeting new people, but I miss having her hang out with me all day... I guess I better get use to it.

Kids in the pool

One of the few times I got to swim with Eleanor

In the evening we sit on the porch and stitch, crochet or quilt. Sometimes we will watch a movie and other times we just visit. The cousins play and fight, typical family time. My porch project this year was this adorable Halloween embroidery. There is a fourth one that I finished up this weekend. Stay tuned for the finished product.

We all look forward to this trip every year and just can't wait to get back there!! Such a fun week. 

When we got back from Huddles Eleanor started school. She is in 5th grade this year and that is middle school for us. Big changes!!

Eleanor 1st day of 5th Grade 8/26/13

Now that school is back in session and we are on a normal schedule, I hope to be able to post on a more regular basis. I hope you all had a wonderful summer!