Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Hearts Day

My fireplace mantel
I hope you all had a great Valentines Day. I got to share the day with four people that I love very much; my daughter, of course. My sister came over with the boys and we had pizza and chocolate fondue. My nephew Lucas was in heaven! Nobody loves chocolate as much as that kid!

Eleanor and Lucas enjoying chocolate fondue

I was the lucky recipient of these goodies; the pink bowl and towel from my mom, the candy box from my sister, and the flower from my nephew Lucas.

Whoops, some of the candy is missing from the flower.
Inside the candy box was a chocolate truffle heart, vintage valentine and little birdie pic
It's been cold here in Minneapolis, really cold, and snowy. It's also been busy for me; school activities, work travel, car problems and an overflowing dishwasher. Despite it all, I am working on some projects! Stay tuned for updates on some of my unfinished projects an a few new ones.

Have a good weekend! Stay safe and warm. 


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  1. Chocolate fondue sounds yummy, what a sweet picture of them! Love your x's and o's those are so cute and such cute little gifts you got too!! Wishing you a lovely day! Stay warm!!! xo Holly