Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last camping trip for the year

We had some very special guests with us for the final trip of the year. My sister and two adorable nephews, Lucas and Nolan. Unfortunately The Looney isn't big enough for all of us so the guests pitched a tent. My oldest nephew Lucas started Cub Scouts this year so he was happy to be sleeping in the tent, cause that's what cub scouts do!

Friday night by the fire

We had a beautiful weekend! A little drizzly Friday night but Saturday and Sunday were perfect! We hiked to geological potholes which are an amazing site! My sister surprised us with a couple stunts... not on purpose! Man did we laugh!! We played on the river banks, painted rocks, and made s'mores.

Kids playing in one of the pothole
Me and Eleanor hiking along the St. Croix
Eleanor and Nolan on the hike
I'm glad I could get my sister out at least once this year, it's not her thing  but I think she had fun. 

The Looney is getting cleaned up and ready to go into storage for the winter. We sure did have a fun summer, lots of great adventures and memories to last a lifetime. I'm already planning trips for next year!

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  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun on your outdoor adventure! I bet the boys love spending time with Eleanor!
    Have a great weekend Jennifer!
    Erica :)