Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birthday Gift

My dear friend Jayne celebrated her birthday this month. This was her gift from me.

Last fall we stopped by a few antique stores on the way up north for a girls weekend. Jayne found a similar nut dish to this one, but the nut was a lighter tan and looked like a brain to me. My sister has this same nut dish so I knew the darker color was out there somewhere. I talked Jayne out of buying the "brain bowl" and convinced her to continue looking for the darker color. A few months later I found this dish at an antique store and knew just who it's new owner was going to be.

A couple weeks ago Jayne was looking through my embroidery books and found this little squirrel pattern, she mentioned she would "like this little guy on a dish towel".

So I whipped up the dish towel to go with the nut dish. Birthday gift success!! She loved it. 


  1. I love the dish towel with it! He is adorable and love the way its tucked in the dish.xo

  2. SWOON... glad I finally figured out how to comment and ashamed that I did not see this until a few nights ago. I love my nut squirrel. LOVE him! Yes, he's out now because that bowl is not just for fall (so I say) Thanks again sweet friend!